Friday, September 20, 2013

The quest continues....

When I'm visiting family, my mother likes to put the boyfriend and me in charge of drinks.  It's her sweet attempt to include our interests and it usually goes horribly wrong.  We usually pick up some really interesting looking local craft beer that we've never had before or a bottle of wine that's usually a less common variety that I'm obsessed with.  (For example, we picked up a six-pack of really good IPA from Deep Ellum Brewing Co.).  This doesn't go over well and we're met with comments like "No Bud Light?" or "Why didn't you get Dos Equis? That's a fancy beer.".  

Despite all that, we continue to pick up "strange" beers that nobody else drinks.  Maybe we think one day we can expand their knowledge of beer.  That or we just want good stuff around for us to drink.  

After an arduous quest, we found a decently big liquor store along the side of the highway and I decided on a whim to continue my sherry quest.  I was looking around and the store manager (I think) offered to help me.  When I asked if he could show me his sherry selection, he responded with "cooking sherry?".  I should have been deterred by this, but instead replied "nope, the good stuff".  He had two bottles of non-cooking sherry, both by Sandeman.  I went with the Amontillado. 

It had a nice oaky character, maybe a bit of figs or raisins, which I liked.  The problem was it was still way too sweet and cloying.  I had a glass, it was OK, but I wasn't excited for another.   

Everyone else hated it.  I didn't hate it, but it's not what I'm looking for.  I think I need to stick to Finos or Manzanillos.  The quest continues.  

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