Sunday, September 8, 2013

Some days, I just give up

I'm incredibly jealous of all those bloggers who seem to have it together.  The ones who take amazing pictures of delicious looking food that they made while wearing vintage dresses and perfect hair.

I mean, I can make delicious food but the similarities end there.  I'm a terrible photographer, all of my pictures turn out blurry, and most have a thumb in front of the lens.  It's like I'm constantly taking pictures of Sasquatch.

And while I can make pretty good food, I'll usually do it in yoga pants that may or may not have cat hair on them (usually erring on the side of may), and the kitchen will look like the prom scene from Carrie when I'm done (especially if I'm making pasta sauce).

I'm terrible at crafts, I can't make crap.  I'm trying though, I really am.  I bought those adorable chalkboard stickers for all the jars in my kitchen and attempted to have decent handwriting.

So, that's a start.  (And yes, I have more mustard seed than any one person really needs.... it was for sale in bulk on the internet).  I was considering buying the paint and painting it on myself, but who was I kidding.  Stickers are far more my speed.

Because of all this, I'm having a Pinterest debate with myself.  I kinda want to sign up so I can get ideas.  But I kinda don't want to sign up because I'll just feel more useless than I already do.

At least it's something the boyfriend and I have in common.  He hates working with his hands with a fiery passion I can't quite understand.  I thought he was going to leave me the one time I made him hang blinds in the laundry room.

I really want to have a garden, but I've tried several times and everything repeatedly died.  Probably because I went on vacation and forgot all about it, or because my schedule is so irregular that sometimes things just don't get watered.

At least all humans and kittens in the house are clean and well-fed.  We have clothes and lunches for the week and I guess that's as good as things are going to get today.

Please excuse me while I watch this video over and over.

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