Saturday, September 21, 2013

All the veggies!

The boyfriend and I are happy members of the CSA at Gorman Farm.  This means that towards the end of every summer, our fridge is packed completely full of produce and I go on a canning / freezing rampage.

I don't know why, but this brings me a ridiculous level of glee.  I feel like I'm in Little House on the Prairie and I'm stocking up for winter.  However, it's not as if we're not members of a winter CSA (sooo many parsnips) too, and have relatively well stocked grocery stores all around us, but whatever.  I like stocking up.  Maybe we'll have another insane snowstorm like we did in 2010 and everyone will be grateful for my OCD insanity.

I do kind of wish that we'd have a bunch of house guests soon though, I can always get rid of a bunch of random things when there are too many people in my tiny house.  That also brings me glee; feeding people and using stuff up.  Maybe it's the OCD, but I love the cycle of using up and restocking.

At the moment I probably have about 12 pounds of tomatoes.  I canned six pints yesterday and then gave up.  I hate how tomatoes have to process for 85 minutes, my entire day is eaten up by canning tomatoes.  I still have a ton left, but I've moved on to pickling beets and peppers, I can get through those pretty quickly.

I just have to keep telling the boyfriend that a messy kitchen is a sign of a happy house.  I'm really lucky that GTA 5 just came out, it's possible that he barely notices the insanity.

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