Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Such a fun homebrew club meeting last night!!  There were some really quality beers there, especially the last coffee bourbon stout.  Delicious!

Les White gave us a tasting session designed to help us learn how to pick up "off" flavors in beer.  He offers a beer judge certification course and I'm considering taking it in the spring.  If nothing else, it'll help train my palate and make me a better, more informed beer drinker.  The boyfriend took it a few years ago and it looks like a TON of work.  I wish they offered it in the winter when I won't be sailing quite as much.

When I reminded the boyfriend that Les would be giving a tasting session last night he replied, "tasting beer with Les, we do that all the time!!".  "No, we drink beer with Les all the time, this will be a guided session, with learning."

When I have more time, I'll post a write-up on the entire session, it was quite interesting.

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