Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tilex v Diet Pepsi

I tend to be slightly crunchy, I like things organic and natural, but I also like things effective and convenient.  This leads me to waffle back and forth between making cleaners at home and browsing Home Depot for whatever is labeled "industrial strength".  It confuses my poor boyfriend to no end, which leads to  him deep-frying donuts which leads to me being ultra-hippy for a few days, renewing the whole cycle.

Long story short, I read an article (on lifehacker, maybe ...) about how you can totally use Coke to clean your bathroom.  The Texan in me realized that when they said Coke, they meant any soft drink that came in a can and/or bottle.  This was totally awesome news, since I stopped drinking coke a year ago (lowercase c for the Texan definition) I have a bunch of old cans in my beer fridge.  I keep trying to pawn them off on my coke drinking friends, and they're all like "uh ... I think this is old, and bad and the sugar has separated" and I'm all like "it's a can full of chemicals, how can you tell? Shut up and drink it".  That doesn't go over well.

The news that I can clean things with old, potentially bad coke now means that I can kill two birds with one stone.  I get a clean bathroom, get rid of old coke and make more room for beer, which using my logic is way better for you than coke.  I guess that's three birds, so even better.

I tried cleaning my tub with Diet Pepsi.  Spoiler alert, it totally didn't work.  It made the bathroom smell like coke, so if your definition of "clean" means "smells different than normal", then I guess you're good.  But all the soap residue was still there, and I think the scrubbing did more than the coke did.

I ended up spraying the whole tub down with Tilex Mold and Mildew which worked like a champ, like usual.

I still have Dr. Pepper and Pepsi Max which I'm going to try on a toilet to see if perhaps those work any better.  Maybe it didn't work because it wasn't the full fledged coke with all the calories and corn syrup?

Either way, I'm not sure this will pan out.  I'll keep you updated with more trials.