Tuesday, September 10, 2013

goal ... units?

Who has two thumbs and really hates football season?

This lady.

My knowledge of sports extends to the fact that I know I can watch hockey live an enjoy it, that I got to go to a rugby game in England once and that was totally awesome and that I like Indy car racing now that the boyfriend bought me a track scanner and I know there's strategy involved (as opposed to "go faster and you win!" which is what I always thought).

It's completely possible that football is the same way, that there's strategy involved that is jut completely unknown to me.  It's also completely possible that this dislike of football is some holdover, some vestige remaining from my emo teenage years.

"Go to the football game? No, my friends and I are going to watch Evangelion and write really bad poetry".

I'm a Cowboys "fan" in that I lived in Dallas once and now that I live in Maryland being a Cowboys fan seems to annoy people and I find that hilarious.  The problem is, even that level of fandom leaves me vulnerable to people talking at me about things like "downs" and "kickers" as my eyes slowly glaze over and I look for an exit I can hurriedly run towards.

Maybe this year my strategy will be to constantly chug coffee so I always really need to pee.  It's a good a strategy as any.

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