Monday, September 9, 2013

My bungalow

It's my mission to turn my house into the warmest, most comfortable and inviting home/speakeasy/yoga studio ever.

What nobody warns you when you buy a house is that everything will take about a million times longer than you estimate it should.  That being said, five years into owning a house, this place is finally starting to shape up.  I think part of it is that I finally have enough money to buy furniture that isn't from Ikea.  Or that I've learned things that don't at all work (why did I paint my small living room UPS truck brown!??!).

We're now in the final round of the Great Shacking Up.  This means that the boyfriend's place is now rented out, he lives here full-time and all of his things are now out of storage and delivered straight to our basement. Yes, the house is covered in boxes again, but they're happy boxes that bring joy to our lives.  At least the cats really like them.

The unpacking will undoubtedly take a while, as we give truckloads more stuff away to charity and find homes for everything.  The really happy upside of this is that our stuff blends together nicely, all of our furniture matches and we now have a lifetime supply of books on food/brewing/cocktails, etc etc.  And that's not counting all the technology-related books we have, which is impressive.  We are huge nerds.

Our cooking / brewing / drinking library might be a little nuts.

To celebrate, or just cause, we finally hung Winston.  We got Winston a few weeks ago at The Great British Beer Festival.  He's pretty much the best bottle opener ever.  I think he needs something else hanging around him, but I'm not too sure what yet.

We christened him by opening a Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

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