Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ah, the redneck boondocks

Most times, I love where I live.  It has a great small town vibe to it and sometimes it feels like you've stepped back into the past. They still carry your groceries out to your car for you, businesses are locally owned mom-and-pop type places where they recognize you if you shop there frequently, there's a giant neon pig outside of a bakery (that one is a bit odd, but I still like it).

However, I yearn for just one upscale wine/cheese/meat store within reasonable driving distance.  I stopped by the local liquor store hoping to pick up some Muscadet, or some Chenin Blanc or good sherry if all else failed.  I've been reading about Muscadet in Food and Wine magazine, and I *really* want to have a tasting at my house.  Everyone knows it's best to have a pre-tasting before the tasting to ensure you don't serve any "bad" wines.

Sigh.  Total failure.  If I wanted a crapton of Chardonay, Muscato or Pino Grigio, I was in luck.  Anything more exotic than that, forget it.  Even all the sherries were incredibly cheap and that fact scared me away.

There's a something under construction a few blocks away, they tore out an old gas station that used to be an incredibly small church (it was cute, even had an old-timey steeple!).   I so want that to be something local, artesianal, I'd shop there all the time.  Heck, I'd get mega excited about a Trader Joe's.

The boyfriend jokes that they're building a dog pound or a place for people to drop off toxic chemicals or a used tire store.  I just hope he's joking and doesn't know something I don't.

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