Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things overheard in airports

Due to the fact that I travel a lot for work and fun, I spend a TON of time in airports.  Two great quotes from my last trip to San Antonio.  These were either overheard in Baltimore, San Antonio or Chicago.

* "Emily wore her wiener dog pajamas for a year and a half straight.  We told her that if she wanted to have any more kids, she'd probably need to find something else to wear once in a while".

My response to this: holy shit, I want wiener dog pajamas!!!!

* "Look at those luggage carts, I totally went on a rampage in one those in GTA 5 the other day".

I guess my household isn't the only one inundated with GTA these days.  Also, are luggage carts good or bad for a rampage??

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