Thursday, October 3, 2013

Consigning is awesome!!

I'm always amazed at the amount of crap people have in their houses, myself completely included in that.  I'm kinda the anti-hoarder, I really hate clutter and love when everything has a place.  Full disclaimer, sometimes things don't always make it back to their home immediately, but everything has a place to go.  Clutter gets to me so much that sometimes if the house needs a bit of tidying, the boyfriend will find a Hoarders marathon and watching it will bother me so much I'll get up and clean something (he helps too, he just finds this funny).

During all of the rounds of The Great Shacking Up, we gave away so much stuff to charity.  It seems that between both of us we must have given away an entire household's worth of stuff.  A household with two kitchens.  We had SO MUCH kitchen stuff.  

We still have so much stuff to get rid of though, closets are full and boxes still aren't unpacked.  I really don't know where it all came from.  Neither of us shops a lot, so I think either gnomes bring things into our house in the middle of the night or stuff breeds more stuff while in closets.  

I've been trying to get rid of old clothes using an app called Poshmark, which was really fun.  However, I ended up doing way more buying than selling and my stuff wasn't selling that quickly.  I blame my horrible photography skills for that.  This left me with piles of "inventory" squirreled away throughout the house, which kinda defeated the purpose. 

Yesterday I discovered the joys of consignment.  You just drop a box off and they sell it and give you a check! It's fabulous!  My quest today is to find a consignment store that takes old prom / bridesmaid dresses.  I'm going to have so much room in my closets, this is going to be amazing!

My favorite stores that I've found so far in the Maryland suburbia areas are:

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