Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finally a good breakfast!!!

I completely hate the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Hate. It.

The only redeeming thing over there is the National Aquarium.  The rest of the place is covered in touristy shops, chain restaurants and not a single good bar (with the obvious exception of the Pratt Street Alehouse).

Now, if you know of a good place I've just walked by a hundred times, I'd love to hear it.  I'm always willing to be convinced otherwise.

That being said, for beer-related events, the boyfriend and I often get a hotel downtown so we can stay there without worrying about getting home.  Some people think this is a bit excessive, but a hotel is way cheaper than a DUI and it provides a convenient base of operations and gives us a good excuse to go out to dinner and brunch in Baltimore.

Dinner usually isn't the problem, with the combination of Harbor East, Fells Point and Little Italy, we can square dinner away pretty easily.  Breakfast/brunch is always the problem.

Everyone always sings the praise of Miss Shirley's, and I'd love to eat there eventually.  The problem is that the wait is always over half an hour and they don't take reservations.  This kinda rules it out for us.  We usually want to get a good breakfast and head home and get on with our day.  And we're usually too hungry to wait that long for good.

We've tried a bunch of other place's in the Inner Harbor and they're all seriously meh.  Good views of the water, but seriously mediocre food.

There's Teavolve over in Harbor East, which is SUPER GOOD.  I'd eat there all the time, except I already eat there all the time and I'm ready for a change. Not a permanent change, but maybe a place to alternate between.

Today we discovered a new breakfast location that's been open since Feb.  It's called The Saturday Morning Cafe.  It's got really good food as well.  Not as upscale as Teavolve, but way closer to the Inner Harbor and a little more Baltimore-ey.  It's a small place so we ate at the counter.  The boyfriend and I both got shrimp and grits, which comes with bacon and cheese on top.  Yum!  My shrimp were prefectly cooked.  They also have a seafood omelet which looked quite good.  A lot of their offerings were on the heavier side: chicken and waffles or french toast.  The one downside is that they don't have cocktails so I had to go without my weekend bloody mary. It's definitely a great option for good, quick breakfast downtown.

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