Sunday, October 27, 2013

Are you Mofongo?

While I was in San Antonio, unfortunately I wasn't able to eat at all of the places I wanted to.  Tried a few new places, but had entirely average meals not worth writing about.

However, there was one stand-out meal at a place called La Marginal Puerto Rican and Latin Cuisine.  My friend Paul had been talking about a dish called mofongo.  When he mentioned that you could get it filled with seafood, I was suddenly game.

La Marginal isn't a place I would have found on my own.  It's in a strip mall, but a Kwik Wash.  It's a total hole in the wall, which usually means it'll have amazing ethnic food.  Paul has no idea how he found it either, but was pretty sure it was recommended by a friend.

Since it sounded so interesting I ordered the mofongo.  It's is unlike anything I've really seen before.  You can get either yucca or plantain (I got plantain) pounded until smooth, almost like grits or mashed potatoes.  It's served in a bowl and either pork, shrimp or assorted seafood is piled on top.  It comes with an orange cajun-ish spicy sauce that I poured on with reckless abandon.  It was really fantastic, the plantain was crispy around the edges where it had cooked in the bowl.  Paul wasn't a fan of the fake crab they included, but I thought it provided a nice texture and flavor.  I don't generally mind fake crab.  In total it had mussels, shrimp, fake crab and flaky white fish.  Really really good and new and different!

They also had fantastic mojitos.  They took a while to come out, but I think that's because they were muddling the ever living heck out of that mint.  It tasted far mintier than I thought it would have, judging on the amount of visible mint leaves.  I don't mind waiting for a super quality product! Their secret to a their mojito was adding a splash of Sprite.  When Paul told me that I was severely skeptical, but it turned out to make a great drink.

All in all, La Marginal was a fantastic place that I'd absolutely return to again.

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