Sunday, October 27, 2013

My favorite bar in San Antonio

My friend Paul was kind enough to take me to my favorite bar in San Antonio.

The Esquire is a really odd (in a good way) place that looks like it just stepped out of the Wild West, serves amazing cocktails and craft beer and has the longest bar in Texas!

I've been there a few times, usually with Paul, who doesn't drink much, or with co-workers on business trips.  I really want to get a hotel in downtown San Antonio and go there with the boyfriend so we can sample more than one drink.

Every time I go back to Texas, I'm pleasantly surprised by the state of craft beer.  When I lived there Shiner Bock was about as craft as it got (or that I was aware of), but a lot of breweries have been opening up and making really great beers.

During my last visit to The Esquire I had an Oatmeal Pale Ale by Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling.  I thought it was a really interesting beer, but not as Oatmealey as I had expected.  Paul thought it was too hoppy, but he's not a big Pale Ale fan to begin with.

I really want to eat a meal at the Esquire too, their menu looks like an interesting mix of local/sustainable/organic, bar food and Tex-Mex.  Totally right up my alley.

The one thing I don't like about the place are the bathrooms, they freak me out.  The ceilings are really tall, it's really dark in there and the mirrors are old (or look old) and are highly patina-ed.  I keep expecting to turn around and see the girl from The Ring looking back at me.  Paul says the men's room isn't as bad but he could be trying to either get me to convince him to go into the women's room or get me to go into the men's room for comparison purposes.

Next time I'm there, I'm ordering a cocktail that comes in a copper cup, devouring an organic burger and going next door to pee.

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