Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanks Hannah!

You ever have one of those days where you're pretty sure you have strep throat so you spend all day at home on the couch, and if it doesn't involve lozenges and/or the internet, you're not doing it?

That was my day today, and it just took a really unexpected turn.

There I was, dicking around on the internet, trying to watch funny videos to pass the time between lozenges.

I started on Mental Floss (see previous post), because their videos are hilarious and I learn things. Double whammy! From there I went on to My Drunk Kitchen, because that's also one of my go-tos for quality You Tube humor.  I love drinking, and I love food, so it's pretty much a perfect combination.

And that's when it took a left.

It's not that I ever thought poorly of Hannah Hart, I've loved her videos, and it's not that I ever thought her dumb, not even remotely. I've always found her adorable and hilarious (I love puns too!).   It's just that I never thought about her beyond her My Drunk Kitchen videos.

That's really unfair.  I learned this by stumbling upon this:

Dang, Hannah.  Thanks for making me realize again that all humans are so deep and complex and *personal*.  It's one of those lessons that yoga is supposed to teach me but that I somehow have to learn time and time again.  Everyone is on their own journey.

Back in high school I was friends with all of the weirdos.  We were all super straight-laced kids who got really good grades and were involved in extra curricular activities like orchestra, band and theatre.  We were essentially a huge group of nerds who bonded through our mutual outcastness and became the first unconditionally supportive group of people I'd ever been around.  You'd think our parents would have been thrilled with the friend group we'd all chosen, but no.

Needless to say, a lot of my friends ended up coming out as gay.  I'd like to say this didn't bother me the first time it happened but due to my religious upbringing, it really did.  I got over it by the time high school ended, but I also got over a lot of religion as well, which is it's own story.

It's so nice to see the Internet coming together now and then.  I think we get too blindsided by hateful comments and slurs people call us on XBox.  The Internet can really be a force for good, it can really be a powerful message for life and hope.  It gets better.  No matter what closet you're stuck in, there is a group of people out there who support you and love you.  When young, people can now find like-minded people on the Internet when 20 years ago we all thought we were so alone.  We don't have to wait until adulthood to learn that we're OK and that this too shall pass.

Thanks Hannah, for taking my sick day and showing me again the beauty and patience and love this world has to offer.

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