Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kit .. Bar???

Last Wednesday I went to get a haircut.  This sounds like a totally normal, boring event, and I assure you it is.  Because I'm a crazy person I drive 1.5 hours to get my hair cut.  It's because the salon is near where I used to live and I really like my stylist and it gives me pre-allocated time to listen to audiobooks.

Totally nuts or not, It ensures that I have some me-time every 4-8 weeks.

Given the fact that I gave up on going to several pumpkin beer festivals, this shows that I was looking particularly rough and really needed to get my hair fixed.

After doing so, I was quite hungry and slipped into the Stone's Cove Kitbar.  I had only been there once before, and I kinda liked it so I wanted to go back.

This place has a really interesting concept.  In the middle of the restaurant is the kitchen, and surrounding it are all of the seats.  A lot of it is bar seating (which I love), with little table-like peninsulas sticking off for larger parties.  When you sit and eat, you don't have one waiter, you just have the team of people working in the middle and any of them can get you something.  This seemed strange at first, but I totally love it.  I love being able to watch people prepare the food, to see everyone bustling around.  It's like dinner and show if you're a person who loves the service industry like I do.

As it turns out, Wednesdays are half-price wine night.  I said I didn't really want to sit down and drink an entire bottle of wine, but they said they could wrap up whatever I didn't finish.  Game on! I ended up getting a really great bottle for like $15.  Since I was in a white mood (I was hoping they had Muscadet, but they did not ... nowhere does, it's my curse), I ended up getting a bottle of Ricardo Santos' Semillon (I posted a picture on twitter that night).

It was a bit sweeter than I was expecting, so I counteracted that by ordering some spicy fish tacos.  I was expecting them to be salsa-spicy but instead they were more spice-rub spicy.  Not what I had planned, but it turned out perfect!  They serve their fish tacos on this interesting wavy plate to hold up all three tacos.  This is awesome because you can eat half of a taco and put it down without the whole thing becoming a disaster.

I want to go back and eat more.  They had these interesting cones that contained avocado and some form of seafood (lobster or tuna, I think).  Maybe next time I'll bring the boyfriend, leave him to get a few drinks and return later with nicer hair and we can split a bunch of appetizers.

The waiter said they were opening up several other locations, but unfortunately none of them are closer to me.  The whole place is cozy, with stone and wood decor.  It would fit perfectly in Denver.  If there was one closer I'd eat there all the time.

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